As a child I was obsessed with sharks. I would enthusiastically read any book on the subject and watch documentaries about the ocean over and over again. Living in England, visits to the coast were rare and as I grew older, and started my own business, swimming with sharks seemed like a distant dream. It wasn't until I decide to finally learn to scuba dive while on holiday in 2007 that I realised how much I had been missing.

I was instantly addicted to visiting the underwater world and set about making plans to fulfil my lifelong ambition, to dive with Great White sharks! After purchasing a small underwater camera I set off to South Australia for a five day expedition with the legendary Rodney Fox.
The trip was better than I could ever have imagined. It made me reassess everything that I thought was important at that time and I realised that perhaps city life was not for me! I resolved to make some drastic changes. I wanted to travel, see more of the underwater world and capture these experiences on film. 

Diving and Underwater Photography became my new addiction. I successfully juggled working in the UK with extensive periods of travel and diving and spent hours underwater focusing on improving my photography skills. A last minute entry into the British Society of Photographers annual portfolio contest in 2009 resulted in a completely unexpected win and provided me with the confidence I needed to approach people within the industry and promote my work.
After eight years of adventures my photography has been featured in both online and print magazines from around the world. I am happy to contribute regularly to DivePhotoGuide, the best resource for underwater photographers on the web and have made many good friends in the industry along the way.

For the last year I have been busy researching and learning all about the shark diving industry in preparation for the launch of a new conservation project, Shark Business. After so many magical marine life encounters I decided it was time to give something back and help fight against the depletion of sharks from our oceans. I believe that the best and most efficient way to do this is through sustainable shark ecotourism.

Photography also plays a vital role in marine conservation and I hope that my images of sharks and other marine life inspire others to experience for themselves the same thrill that I felt all those years ago in Australia.